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TXED Solutions is an international edu-tech company. We match technology with project-based content, to develop curricula that meet approved standards. Our proximity to educational and technological ecosystems provides us access to valued insights and innovative concepts to develop the future of education at massive scale. Through a network of global assets, we’re able to provide school districts, teachers, parents, and students with powerful learning tools and analytics designed to encourage and track a student’s progress, challenging them at every level.

We are educators, designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs experienced in curriculum development, gaming development, innovation transformation, and systems design. We take a human-centered approach to developing content that improves cognitive development, while providing actionable insights into learning in virtual environments. Our goal is to provide content and training that meets administrative standards while propelling educational communities and systems forward for the betterment of education.

We imagine a global network of districts, teachers and students working in tandem to share insights. How might our world look if students were able to tap into global resources that provided realtime experiences to solving problems, storytelling, and learning new languages & cultures? How would their vision of the future be imagined through collaborative exploration of new concepts and technology available inside and outside the classroom?

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David Conover


Calvin Mays
Managing Partner

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